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New Syracuse Football Helmet Leaked?

There has been buzz in the air about a new Syracuse football helmet being worn this weekend, and there's a good chance we have seen it for the first time thanks to some message boards.

There's been some inner rumblings around these parts about a brand-new Syracuse football helmet that could be worn Saturday when the Orange host the Tulane Green Wave at the Carrier Dome.

Though, it has not been confirmed by the Syracuse athletic department it looks like we have our first look at it thanks to a post at

Now, usually we don't run with these types of things but we have it on good authority that this week's helmet were going to look something like this. That's sorta why Sean tweeted this out last night.

Anyway, there's no other information to go with this photo, which was found by TNIAAM's Dan Lyons. What I do know is the helmet, in my opinion, is missing a few things like a orange block S and maybe a bit more orange?

But other than that it doesn't look too bad and it could be a step in the right direction, if the uniform color scheme matches well with the helmet.

What do you think?

(P.S. -- This gets me thinking. With all of the uniform talk latetly, wouldn't it be smart for ESPN or some of the new 24-hour sports networks to devote a weekly, half-hour show to new uniforms being showcased each week? I'd watch that show and I know a lot of you would too.)