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THE QUINDENION in Game of Zones - Episode 2: The Fall of Castle Orange

The Laettnersters and mascots from Winterhell continue a collision course for each other, Otto the Orange embarks on a dangerous journey to meet 8-Ball and learn more about the mysterious Orange Walker, and to the East, two enemies attempt to form an alliance that could reshape the power base of The Fifteen Kingdoms! Get ready for tip off...this one's gonna be good...

A secret society of the fourteen wealthiest mascots on the East Coast convenes at an estate in Greensboro, NC, otherwise known as John Swofford's basement. Chips and mango-peach salsa are served. They control the Eastern American bank money supplies, Fort Sumter, ESPN2 and the North Carolina A&T student newspaper.

They are known as:  The Quindenion

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