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The Chipotle Curse

The Source Of Syracuse Lacrosse's Struggles? The Chipotle Curse, Of Course

Saturday's 10-9 victory over the Princeton Tigers was a welcome return to winning for the Syracuse Orange, mired in their "worst" season since 2007. 5-4 might be respectable at Hobart, but not here, Sonny Jim. This is Syracuse. In nine games, we expect to be 12-0.

The Chipotle Curse III: This Time, It's Bottled...

Like a horror movie villain from the 1980's, every time you think The Chipotle Curse is dead, it rises from its barbacoa-smelling grave to haunt us just one more time.

Whatever You Do, Do Not Show This To Scoop

The Chiptole Curse Is A Fickle, Fickle Burrito

Chipotle Stalks Orange Nation Like A Wolf Stalking A Lamb

The Chipotle Curse: Reborn January 25th, 2011

Chipotle Openly Daring Syracuse At This Point

Well, I Guess This Is It, You Guys

Chipotle opens in Syracuse today. SU will never win a game again.

The Sum Of All Fears Is Folded Neatly Inside A Burrito

Scoop Gets Scooped From USA Select Team

How Chipotle Will Determine Who Will Win The NCAA Lacrosse Tournament

Chipotle Will Stop At Nothing To Destroy Syracuse Athletics From Within

Do Your Part...Prevent Further Chipotle-Related Disasters

Before Syracuse-Vermont, An Offering To The Gods

Chipotle'd: Georgetown 91, Syracuse 84

If Syracuse Loses Tomorrow, Blame Chipotle