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2013 Texas Bowl

Everything you need to know about the 2013 Texas Bowl between the Syracuse Orange and Minnesota Golden Gophers.

SU Football Roundtable: 2013 Season Wrap-Up

TNIAAM's football wing takes one final look at the 2013 season, while glancing ahead to 2014 as well.

#CuseTixForKids: Musings, Learnings & Donations

A look back at the #CuseTixForKids donation drive and figuring out what to do with the rest of it.

Syracuse Football: A Program Revival

The Texas Bowl victory means back to back bowl wins for Syracuse and winning seasons with bowl victories in three of the last four seasons. Is this a true program "revival?" I say yes.

#CuseTixForKids: "I Liked When I Saw My First TD"

Here's your heart wrenching story that makes #CuseTixForKids worthwhile.

Syracuse Defeats Minnesota: Quotant Quotables

The Syracuse Orange defeated the Minnesota Golden Gophers 21-17 to win the 2013 Texas Bowl on Friday. Here are the quotes to prove it...

Syracuse Wins the Texas Bowl, 21-17

The Syracuse Orange upset the Minnesota Golden Gophers with a stunning last minute touchdown. Terrel Hunt scored the game-winner and won bowl MVP honors after a poised performance in Houston.

Syracuse Wins The Texas Bowl Post-Game Discussion


2013 Texas Bowl 2nd Half GameThread

Keep it up, SU!

2013 Texas Bowl 1st Half GameThread

Let's Texas Bowl this ish...

It's Texas Bowl Prediction Time

Only a few hours left before the Orange attempt to end their season on a high note. Will they?

SU Football Roundtable: Texas Bowl Preview

TNIAAM's football wing takes a look at the most pressing questions for SU football going into its Texas Bowl matchup with Minnesota.

Where Are We Watching The Texas Bowl/Villanova?

Syracuse fans better buddy up over the next two days if they want to help their teams win sporting events.

Shafer Shoots Straight In The Lone Star State

As the Texas Bowl nears, Scott Shafer keeps saying Scott Shafer things...

2013 Texas Bowl: TV Listing, History, Odds & More

The kids of Houston will be there, so let's find out what they're in for.

Q&A With The Daily Gopher

To preview the Texas Bowl, TNIAAM reached out to SB Nation's The Daily Gopher to talk football.

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A Visitors Guide for The Texas Bowl

You've got tailgating, the game and then... what else are you going to do while in Space City?! If you don't know the answer to that question, hopefully this guide will help you out.

Scott Shafer Hearts Ron Burgandy

"Ron Burgundy is a guy that I’ve idolized for a lot of years." - Scott Shafer

Check Out This Rodeo Bowl Gallery

The Orange won the Rodeo Bowl. Now see how it happened...

SU Sports Make Me Drink: Texas Bowl Preview

John, Matt and Dan are joined by Chris from the Daily Gopher to chat all things Texas Bowl and the Minnesota Golden Gophers (plus basketball and beer, too)

Syracuse Wins Rodeo Bowl, Texas Bowl Next...

Syracuse dominated Minnesota at the Rodeo Bowl, setting the tone for a Texas Bowl victory on Friday.

2013 Texas Bowl Week Highlights

Before the big game, there's a whole host of events for the players and fans this week.

#CuseTixForKids: $44,444.44

How did we get here?

SU Receiver Jarrod West Returns For Texas Bowl

West missed the last two games after getting hit in the chest & head against FSU.

Let's Get To $44,444.44 For #CuseTixForKids

We need another $4K to get to $44,444.44. Let's do that, okay?

#CuseTixForKids Just Keeps On Going...

Every time we think we've got a goal in mind, you guys blow past it. This is getting ridiculous...

Durell Eskridge Tweets He Will Miss Texas Bowl

Syracuse sophomore safety continued his Twitter rampage Tuesday announcing he will not be playing in the Texas Bowl

Texas Bowl: A 'Business Trip With Benefits"

Orange head coach Scott Shafer spoke to the local media Tuesday and reflected on this year's regular season and talked about the team's preparation for the Texas Bowl on Dec. 27.

Let's Just Send #AllTheKids To The Texas Bowl

200 kids? We're way past sending 200 kids to the Texas Bowl to root on the Orange...

Let's Send 400 Kids To The Texas Bowl

Since a lot of Orange fans can't make it to the game, let's send 400 Houston-area kids to go instead.

"Scott Shafer Could Get Me Excited To _______"

Scott Shafer is a master frickin' motivator. What boring task could he get you excited to do?

A Roundup from Scott Shafer's Press Conference

On Friday morning, Scott Shafer held a press conference and discussed the Texas Bowl, his first year as head coach, Doug Marrone, Syracuse-Duke basketball, and of course, how to lasso. You're going to want to read this.

How Will SU Fans Travel for the ACC Bowl Line-Up?

Let's face it... Syracuse fan attendance at the Texas Bowl will probably not be great. However, bowl attendance shouldn't be a huge issue for SU when looking at the upcoming ACC slate.