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Taco Time

Taco Time: Syracuse men’s basketball sends fans home with free tacos after Drexel win

Buddy Boeheim hit a step-back fadeaway jumper for Taco Time, putting the Orange above 70 points, and sending fans home with free tacos in a 75-60 Syracuse home win.

Taco Time: Buddy Boeheim wins bell-ringer title

The Orange are now 14-4 ATTS

Taco Time: Dolezaj gets on the board

The Orange are now 13-4 ATTS

Lifelong UConn fan visits Syracuse on his journey to every college basketball venue

College basketball super fan Dan Nardini visited the Carrier Dome for Syracuse’s game against Wake Forest

Taco Time: Joe Girard III ties Buddy Boeheim with three ‘bells’ apiece

The Orange are now 12-4 ATTS

Taco Time: Buddy Boeheim gets the lead for Syracuse

The Orange are now 11-4 ATTS

Taco Time: Buddy Boeheim creates a three-way tie 

The Orange are now 10-4 ATTS

Taco Time: Brycen Goodine gets on the board

The Orange are now 9-3 ATTS

Taco Time: Joe Girard III continues the streak in Syracuse loss to Notre Dame

The Orange are now 8-2 ATTT.

Taco Time: Elijah Hughes continues the Taco Time streak

The Orange are now 7-2 ATTS.

Taco Time: Bourama Sidibe ends taco drought for Syracuse fans

The Orange are now 5-2 ATTS.

Taco Time: Syracuse basketball moves to 4-1 ATTS

The streak moves to four games.

Taco Time: Elijah Hughes gets SU to 3-1 ATTS

The streak extends to three in a row.

Taco Time: Joe Girard III moves SU to 2-1 ATTS

Another Orange freshman rings the taco bell.

Taco Time: Jesse Edwards gets SU to 1-1 ATTS

The Orange reach 70 points for the first time this season.

Syracuse basketball finishes under .500 in Taco Time during 2018-19 season

Syracuse couldn’t quite get over .500 in Taco Time in the 2018-19 season.