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Friday Conversation

An open thread on Fridays where we throw out a hypothetical or open-ended question and you provide the answer.

Friday Conversation: How far should athletic rivalries go?

Is there a limit to how far “off the field” your allegiance (and hatred) can run?

Finish The '17 SU Football Non-Conference Schedule

Now that we know what the 2016 non-con schedule looks like, let's fill in the blanks on 2017.

Convo: What Giveaway Could Get You To The Dome?

What special giveaway could SU use to entice you to a football game you might not already attend?

When Will Syracuse Orange Players Be Drafted?

The first round is in the books so now we want to know when you think Syracuse might see some of it's players get drafted.

Who is Your Favorite Former Orange in the NBA?

In Melo you trust? Or are you more of a MCW person?

Who Should SU Fans Root For in the NCAA Tourney?

We're not going to be there so let's figure out who we're going to pull for.

Post-SU Basketball: What's Your Go-To?

So many things to do now that Syracuse basketball is over. It's not that we're happy about it. We just want to talk about it.

Should SU Athletes Get Lifetime Scholarships?

Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett echoed the sentiment that "You're not on scholarship for school" in college.

What's The One SU Thing You Want Before You Die?

What's The One Game You Want SU to Win in 2015?

if I told you that you had the power to guarantee victory, which one of Syracuse's remaining games would you use your power on?

What's Your Big Syracuse Athletics Regret of 2014?

Every Friday, we'll open the floor with a question conceding Syracuse sports. There are no right answers and no wrong answers. Well, unless you're wrong.