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Syracuse Men's Soccer: Alex Bono Going to MLS as Generation Adidas Player

Goalkeeper Alex Bono becomes the first Syracuse soccer player to leave early to pursue a career in MLS.

Syracuse Men's Soccer

Alex Bono has had a standout career on the Hill and is being handsomely awarded for it. The Baldwinsville native has crept up the leaderboard or set Syracuse records in just about any goalkeeping category that can be tracked. He was the anchor of one of the best defenses in the country. Now, he's a Generation Adidas player and entering the MLS draft.

He becomes the first player ever to make the leap early to MLS and as such has set another career milestone. His career has been a wealth of honors with the Orange after he was in goal for the 2012 and 2014 NCAA tournament runs. The defense over these years has been the backbone of the team and Bono was a huge part of it.

This year's plaudits:

So that's a pretty impressive list.

We'll worry about the repercussions on the squad later on in the year, but this is amazing news for Bono and the program. For him to have this opportunity to sign with a club as a Generation Adidas player is an opportunity that can't be missed.

Generation Adidas contracts in MLS work differently than normal contracts. The players do not count towards the senior squad even though they're considered first team members (saves a roster spot for the club) and the contract value is pretty well always well above the league minimum. The program is specifically for college players who are jumping early. This year there were only five Generation Adidas contracts signed by underclassmen.

Mock drafts have Bono going anywhere in the Top 20, the highest I've seen being #6 to Toronto as mocked up by Ives Galarcep. TDS is showing him at #9, also to Toronto FC, who have 3 first round picks this year. The MLS mothership is showing him going #19 to Seattle, but notes they don't expect him to fall that far.

Apparently the MLS site is wrong and Colorado has the 19th pick, however, I don't really see him heading there with Clint Irwin and Zack McMath currently on the roster. Personally, I could see him ending upto SKC at 10th or 12th if he even hangs on that long.

Congratulations to Alex for the pickup and best of luck to him in MLS.