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Syracuse Men's Soccer: Episode V - The Orange Strike Back

Syracuse rebounds from second loss of the season with a 4-1 shellacking of Bucknell.

Some day I'll upload some new pictures...
Some day I'll upload some new pictures...
S Haller

It started quick. Chris Nanco put one in the back of the net in the first minute. That's not something you see everyday, but when your keeper scuffs a pass to the opposing forward staring down and open net, it's bound to happen (unless said forward is Fernando Torres...). After that, the score sheet read all Norway, all the time.

Emil Ekblom got on the end of a set piece for his team leading seventh of the season. Then in the second half, Oyvind Alseth decided to open his account with the Orange in style, netting a brace. His two goals and an assist were quite the involvement from a primarily defensive midfielder. Over the course of the last two years, he's shown the willingness to get forward and it payed dividends last night.

It's good to see the team bounce back solidly after adversity in Louisville and get back on track. The win closed out an undefeated non-conference schedule for the squad as they head to finish up ACC play, at NC State this Saturday at 7pm, then finishing the season at home against Boston College, 7pm on Halloween. For your viewing pleasure, the NC State game will be covered on ESPN3.