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Syracuse Football Coaching Search

Everything you need to know about the coaching search for the Syracuse Orange football team.

Ed Orgeron's Interest in Syracuse Job 'Very High'

This season, Orgeron helped coach a team to beat Syracuse. Now he's interested in leading the Orange to victory.

Shafer, Players Won't Be Available to Media

This comes after Shafer's dismissal was announced Monday morning.

Scott Shafer & College Sport's Personal Business

Writing about the team you root for can put you in a bit of a grey area. Days like today only muddle the whole thing further.

Which Assistant Coaches Could Come Back To SU?

Scott Shafer's staff will reportedly be let go at the end of the season, but there are a few candidates who could still be fits with a new staff in 2016. Let's discuss who has the best shot at returning.

SU Football: Reactions to Scott Shafer's Firing

Here are some quotes from the aftermath of Syracuse's decision to fire Scott Shafer.

Five Things That Doomed Scott Shafer

Scott Shafer is out as head coach of the Syracuse Football program and a large part of the reason can be laid at the feet of these five things.

Was This The Time to Fire Scott Shafer?

The TNIAAM staff chimes in with their thoughts on Scott Shafer's firing, the timing and add some early thoughts on who should replace him?

This Isn't How Shafer's Story Was Supposed To End

This isn't a good day for Syracuse football. Not because they're making the wrong decision on Scott Shafer, but because it means Syracuse football yet again is left wondering how the story is supposed to end.

Breaking: Syracuse Fires Head Coach Scott Shafer

It's official: Syracuse has relieved Scott Shafer of his position as head football coach of the Orange.