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Syracuse Football Coaching Search

Everything you need to know about the coaching search for the Syracuse Orange football team.

How Did SU Get One of the Offseason's Best Hires?

Depending on who you ask, Syracuse might have made a top-five hire this offseason with Dino Babers. How did all of this come about?

First Impressions of New Orange Coach Dino Babers

Syracuse fans met Dino Babers for the first time as head coach today. What did we see and hear?

Dino Babers Intro Press Conference Open Thread

Syracuse University will introduce Dino Babers as the new head coach of the Syracuse Football program today at a press conference starting at 10:00 p.m.

SU Football: Who Might Babers Hire on Defense?

We took a look at the offensive side of the ball. How about the names Babers may look at on defense?

SU Football: Who Might Babers Hire on Offense?

Obviously new Syracuse coach Dino Babers has some hiring to do. Who might fill out his offensive staff?

Babers Represents a Barrier Broken Way Too Late

Dino Babers is the first African-American head football coach in the history of Syracuse University. Is that something to celebrate, something to make us wonder why it took so long or both?

Get to Know Babers: Q&A With a Bowling Green Fan

We wanted to know more about Dino Babers, so we asked a Bowling Green fan to spill the beans.

It's Official: SU Announces Babers as Head Coach

Syracuse confirms. It's Dino Babers as Syracuse's new head football coach.

Report: 'Cuse Will Hire Babers As Early as Today

Seems like we can go with this now. Syracuse will have a new coach as early as today!

Babers Issues Statement, Wolken Hints Deal's Done

This thing might be wrapped up by the weekend for Syracuse. Hooray!

SU Coaching Search Sexy-O-Meter: December 3, 2015

Is the Sexy-O-Meter no longer necessary? Not until someone has actually been hired!

SU Football: Ash Out, Clears Way for Babers Hire?

With Chris Ash now out of the running for Syracuse, could that clear the way to hire Dino Babers? Some think so.

SU Coaching Search Questions Apropos of Nothing

I keep asking myself a lot of questions about the next Syracuse football coach. Figured I should try to answer them while I'm at it.

SU Coaching Search Sexy-O-Meter: December 2, 2015

How much has the Sexy-O-Meter moved since Monday?

SU Football Coaching Search Profile: Bob Diaco

Another potential head coach profile, this time with Connecticut's defensive guru.

SU Football Coaching Search Profile: Dave Warner

Next up is a former Syracuse quarterback and assistant who might very well be coming home.

SU Football Coaching Search Profile: Matt Rhule

Could Syracuse be in the market to hire a bigger name like Temple's Matt Rhule?

Orange Reportedly Went Low in Scott Frost Offer

According to reports, Syracuse offered $1.2M and Scott Frost said "no thanks."

Scott Frost Chose UCF and Here's Why That's Good

Oregon OC Scott Frost passed on Syracuse and took the head coaching post at Central Florida. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

SU Football Coaching Search Profile: Mike Sanford

Next up on the list is a coach's son who's made good on his pedigree.

SU Football Coaching Search Profile: Joe Moglia

Next up on our rundown of coaching candidates is a very intriguing possibility doing well down in the Big South.

SU Football Coaching Search Profile: Chris Ash

The next name of interest in the Syracuse coaching search has a curious connection to Mark Coyle.

Slack-ing Off: Syracuse Coaching Search Edition

Sean and John try to get to the bottom of what's going on with the Syracuse Orange coaching search, and what sort of roster they'll be dealing with next year.

Syracuse Coaching Search Profile: DACOACHO

Ed Orgeron's expressed interest in Syracuse. Do they have interest in him?

Syracuse Coaching Search Profile: Dino Babers

Next up: A coach that some thought was already headed to UCF... and may still be.

Syracuse Coaching Search Profile: Scott Frost

We take a look at the name many think is tops on Syracuse's list.

SU Coaching Search Sexy-O-Meter: 2015 Edition

It's the return of the highly-scientific tool used to determine who is the sexiest pick on that given day for the next Syracuse Orange football coach.

AD Mark Coyle Talks About Syracuse Coaching Change

Mark Coyle expands on his initial statement on why he decided to let Coach Shafer go and what's next.

Syracuse Football Recruiting: Coyle Calling Commits

Athletic Director Mark Coyle has taken it upon himself to hold the 2016 recruiting class together.

Syracuse Football Recruiting: The Fallout So Far

Coach Shafer's dismissal creates a lot of question marks for the 2016 recruiting class and beyond.

SU Football: Correlation Does Not Imply Causation

It's easy to look at the last 15 years of Syracuse Football and see a lost cause. However, the truth isn't so simple and the reality is that the future is not beholden to the past.

It's Now Or Never, Unless Never Has Already Passed

Scott Shafer is on his way out and a replacement will eventually be on his way in. And that guy better bring a lot with him, including wins.