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Syracuse Football Schedule News

Anything and everything to do with Syracuse Orange football's scheduling.

How to complete Syracuse’s 2022 non-conference schedule

We’re not THAT far ahead, when you think about it.

Report: Syracuse schedules Western Michigan for 2020, 2023

We’re not done with the Broncos just yet.

What could Syracuse’s September 2020 schedule look like?

With a game left to schedule and the potential for a conference road opener, we take a quick look at options.

Syracuse football scheduling: Orange add Colgate for 2020

The renovated Dome will re-open with some Hoodoo.

Syracuse football confirms home-and-home with Ohio in 2021, 2024

We get confirmation on a game/series that’s been in the works for awhile...

Very early win-loss projections for Syracuse football in 2019

The schedule’s out, so let’s look at win

Full Syracuse football schedule announced for 2019

Adjust your tailgating plans accordingly.

What might Syracuse’s 2019 schedule look like when it’s released?


Football schedule: Syracuse will face Purdue in 2022 & 2023

Future schedules coming together and I (of course) have some thoughts...

There may soon be more B1G schedule openings for Syracuse

IF the Big Ten makes this sort of move, Syracuse could find some new non-conference foes... not that I’m chasing them down or anything.

Syracuse football schedules Ohio for 2022 (per report)


Syracuse football schedules Rutgers for 2020 & 2021

The Orange replace the Wisconsin series with one a little more sensible and closer to home.

Syracuse Football 2018 ACC Schedule Reaction

Some really quick thoughts on the Syracuse Football schedule from not-John.

Syracuse Football’s 2018 ACC Schedule Released


Syracuse vs. Notre Dame moved to Yankee Stadium for 2018

We’re never going to play this series on campus again.

Welp, Oregon State’s off the board for 2021 now...


How should Syracuse football replace Wisconsin for 2020 & 2021?

Syracuse, Wisconsin cancel football series for 2020 & 2021


Syracuse football schedules Albany for 2021

Hey, we’re getting ahead of things!

Why has SU never gone unbeaten in non-conference play?

The two obvious answers are obvious.

No, Syracuse football doesn’t need a tougher schedule

If people didn’t bring it up, I wouldn’t keep talking about it.

Who are your ideal Syracuse football opponents?

What does your dream schedule look like? And which teams do we want to play more?

Syracuse shares how the scheduling sausage gets made

The questions we’ve always wanted answered.

SU’s scheduling finally focused on making postseason

The Orange finally leave #BRAND behind, with an eye on bowl games.

Syracuse schedules Western Michigan for 2018 & 2019

Look at the Orange, actually getting out there and scheduling games!

Syracuse schedules Liberty for 2019, 2020 & 2021

The Orange put three very winnable games on the schedule.

Paging SU: Army’s schedule has openings in 2018 & 2019

Hey, this is related to something we mentioned recently.

SU vs. ND games set for 2026, 2029, 2034 & 2037

The end of that list just looks like space years you’re tossing out there...

Future SU schedules MAY be completed soon, per Wildhack

Stressing “may” here.

SU non-ACC schedule may soon be more manageable

At least, if John Wildhack’s to be believed.

SU’s 2018 game at ND rescheduled for Nov. 17

A slight change of plans for the 2018 schedule...

SU’s final 2018 opponent comes from this list

“Another scheduling post?”


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