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Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards: Best Syracuse-Related Tweet (Non-Player/Coach) Of The Year

The year's final S.O.B. goes to this season's most notable tweet from one of us - the laypeople of the Syracuse basketball community.


I'll admit - this category was really really tough. The basketball season started in November and we're a Twitter-happy bunch. Who knows how many absolutely excellent tweets were tweeted during the basketball months that have since passed on into the endless bowls of the internet? But here we are, and there were some great tweets, most of which were recent, that were brought up as candidates for this award, so let's take a look, shall we?


I submitted this for Syracuse player tweet, although admittedly you can argue it for either category. Mookie Jones' thoughts during Trevor Cooney's drive to nowhere were classic. Andy included this in contention for the other category, so I won't use it as an official nominee here, but it is worth sharing again. So very Mookie:


In the 'mind-numbingly stupid' category, we have the (hopefully former) @SyracuseU intern who decided that speculation based on an article written on some blog that no one had ever heard of was a good idea. My head still hurts, you guys:


In voting for this category, I basically scoured my retweets going back over the last few weeks, and chose this one as I felt that it best summed up the Syracuse basketball season. It's not really newsworthy, but it really encapsulates the Syracuse basketball experience. Of course, Scott Van Pelt is a Maryland guy, but we won't hold that against him.

This category really had no clear winner, so I'm forced to choose among the plurality of nominated tweets...and really, there is a clear choice. John nominated the message itself, but another member of our community is the winner today. From moments after Syracuse clinched the final four at the Verizon Center:

...and those are our S.O.B. Awards for this year. Sean will wrap things up later on, but thanks to everyone who spent time voting and debating. These are always a ton of fun. As always, you can check out the rest of the 2013 S.O.B. Awards, categories and previous winners by clicking here or visiting the S.O.B. Award Hub.