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The S.O.B. Awards

Find out the best, worst and everything in-between about the most recent Syracuse Orange basketball season.

2020 S.O.B. Awards voting: Most improved player

Which Syracuse player improved the most from 2018-19 to 2019-20?

2020 S.O.B. Awards: Best game of the season

In your opinion, what game was the best for Syracuse in 2019-20?

2020 S.O.B. Awards voting: Most surprising player

Which player surprised the most in 2019-20?

2020 S.O.B. Awards voting: Best Syracuse basketball walk-on

The time has come to vote for the most important category of the S.O.B. Awards.

2020 S.O.B. Awards voting: Best Syracuse men’s basketball player

Welcome to the beginning of the voting process in the 2020 S.O.B. Awards

The return of the S.O.B. awards

The S.O.B. awards make their return following the 2019-20 Syracuse basketball season.

S.O.B.A. - Best Player, Moment & Most Surprising

Who won the Best Player, Best Moment & Most Surprising Player awards?

2016 S.O.B. Awards: Best GIF, Tweet, Image, Meme

Which selections won the most social/visual awards we had to offer?

2016 S.O.B. Awards: Player Category Winners

The votes have been counted and we now know who has won the 2016 Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards. Today, we'll reveal the winners for our player categories....Best Walk-On, Best Freshman, Best Sophomore, Best Junior, and Best Senior.

2016 S.O.B. Awards Voting: Best Tweet

We've reached the end... of the voting period.

2016 S.O.B. Awards Voting: Best Meme

What was the meme that we'll remember most about the SU basketball season?

2016 S.O.B. Awards Voting: Best GIF/Vine

Which GIF or Vine encapsulates the Syracuse season more than any other?

2016 S.O.B. Awards Voting: Best Image

What image encapsulates the Syracuse basketball season best?

2016 S.O.B. Awards Voting: Most #DisloyalIdiot

There's a lot of #DisloyalIdiots out there. Which idiot was the most disloyal of all?

2016 S.O.B. Awards Voting: Best Moment

Voting for the 2016 S.O.B. awards continues and today it's all about the very best moment from the past season.

S.O.B. Awards Voting: Best Jim Boeheim Quote

Of all the many splendid things Jim Boeheim said this season, what was the best?

2016 S.O.B. Awards Voting: Most Surprising Player

There are a bunch of options here. But you can choose only one. Who's Syracuse's most surprising player this season?

2016 S.O.B. Awards Voting: Best Senior

You've got several worthwhile choices in this category. Trevor Cooney looks forward to your scorn.

2016 S.O.B. Awards Voting: Best Junior

Two choices in this category, with one a potential overwhelming favorite.

2016 S.O.B. Awards Voting: Best Sophomore

There's one player to vote for here, because we know how the internet works and don't want to see ironic votes for walk-ons and a redshirt sophomore that never saw the floor.

2016 S.O.B. Awards Voting: Best Freshman

You've got a tough choice to make between Tyler Lydon and Malachi Richardson here.

2016 S.O.B. Award Voting: Best Walk-On

The first category up for debate is Best Walk-On. It all depends what you value in your non-scholarship players...

The 2016 S.O.B. Awards Are Here!

The 2015-2016 Syracuse basketball season is over, so let's hand out some fake hardware.

S.O.B. Awards: Best SU-Related Tweet

The year's final S.O.B. goes to this season's most notable tweet from one of us - the laypeople of the Syracuse basketball community.

S.O.B. Awards: Best Coach/Player Tweet Winner

This was a tough one...mostly because there wasn't a "AHA" moment with any of our players and the general...should I call it professionalism.... of making sure dumb stuff doesn't end up on Twitter. Regardless, two tweets got the most support...

Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards: Best Meme

Can Cal get back in this? Will you honor your contract? Only one way to find out...

S.O.B. Awards: Best Syracuse-Related GIF

They say a picture is worth a thousand words....but a picture that moves? Well THAT is worth much, much more!

S.O.B. Awards: Best Player/Coach Video

Syracuse University athletes are nothing if not creative.

S.O.B. Award: Best Syracuse Blog/Fan Video

What was the best video featuring a non-athlete of the year?

S.O.B. Awards: Best Crowd Sign/Prop

Right now it's time to find out what the Best Crowd Sign/Prop from this past season is.

Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards: Best SU Photo

It's a question I'm betting you've been asking for months: What's the best SU photo out there? Well, look no further SU photo fan, I've got your answer!

Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards: Biggest Idiot

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Academy Award Host Seth McFarlane, with his original song celebrating the Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards' Biggest Idiot, titled: "You Bunch of Boobs!"