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GameThread: Syracuse Orange vs. North Carolina Tar Heels

Hey all! Syracuse-UNC 4 PM today on ESPNU. Leave your comments here and have fun!

NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The North Carolina Tar Heels and the Syracuse Orange take to the turf today at 4 PM in Syracuse, NY. The game is on ESPNU because there’s no Hopkins conflict.

Also of note, the Selection Committee releases its top ten at halftime of this game. The rankings will only reflect games played through Sunday, so as our friend at CC points out:


NJ boy Anish has been boots on the ground for a while now.

Remember, in terms of the ACC Tournament, Syracuse does not have anything to play for unless it is super motivated to try and play match maker (one word? two words?) for itself. The Heels have yet to win an ACC contest after falling to UVA left them 0-2 in ACC play. Allowing UVA to win a conference game is disgusting.

UNC can still make the Tourney if:

  • beat Syracuse, beat Notre Dame = leaves Notre Dame out of the ACCT
  • lose to Syracuse, beat Notre Dame, UVA beats Duke = leaves Notre Dame out of the ACCT
  • lose to Syracuse, beat Notre Dame, UVA loses to Duke, and then it would come down to at least the third tie-breaker between UND, UNC, and UVA but UNC could avoid the fourth seed this way

I can see it now. Virginia gets the fourth seed and beats Syracuse in the first round of the ACCT on a Friday night in Charlottesville. Greensboro would love that.

The Heels are coming in on a big, red hot, six game losing streak. That has to be a real tough locker room right now, although I’m sure Breschi will have them ready to play. Say what you will about the ACC, best coaches in the country...except for Desko obviously. #FireDesko

If they lose, at least we’ll have the Post-Standard comments.


Enjoy the game, leave your comments here, if you’re new here I’m joking about John so don’t get angry in the comments and of course...... G’Orange!