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GameThread: Syracuse Orange (3-2) vs. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (5-2)

The Syracuse Orange visit the Rutgers Scarlet Knights on Sunday in New Jersey. Leave your comments here and enjoy the game!

Purdue v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Morning everyone! Seeing as how Saturday is St. Paddy’s day I’m writing this on Saturday instead of Sunday and I am still getting off of the high of seeing UVA hit the bricks.

Anyway, today we have the Syracuse Orange making a visit to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights at 1 PM. You should be able to watch most of this game before Syracuse - Michigan State tips off at 2:40.

One might think that this game would be streaming on the ESPN app or maybe on the Big Ten Network channel, but one would be wrong. Instead this will be on Big Ten Plus. What is that you ask? It’s a streaming channel which you need to pay for. Check tomorrow just to make sure the game isn’t free but if it isn’t, the cheapest way to do this is to get a monthly school pass (Rutgers) for $9.95. You can subscribe through Roku if you’re up on technology. Just so you know, the Big Ten Network will showing Butler vs. Purdue from December 16. Screw the Big Ten.

Syracuse has only lost to Rutgers once in the 17 game history of this matchup. Looking at the SU schedule moving forward, a win today may be necessary for the Orange to make the NCAA Tournament so this is a very important game.

Here’s the preview.

Leave your comments below and enjoy the game...G’Orange.