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Syracuse Lacrosse: Bracketology and NCAA Lacrosse Selection Show Open Thread

The ESPNU Selection Show will air at 9 PM tonight. The Orange should have the second seed locked up but watch the show and talk about the seeding!

NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The NCAA Division I Selection Show will air at 9:00 PM on Sunday evening on ESPNU. But ya know, if softball or E:60 run long I’m sure we’ll go to ESPNEWS. Below is my bracketology, but leave your comments on the seeding and thoughts from the bracket when it is released.

Unless we have a crazy surprise, tonight will be all about seeding. Right now I have two ACC Teams seeded and four seeded Big Ten programs. Albany’s quality wins are a bit lacking but its RPI is third so, historically, the Great Danes are essentially guaranteed a seed.

The team, which is getting screwed? Rutgers. The Denver Pioneers lost its conference tournament and will not get the AQ but will still make the Tourney. Therefore, they take away an at-large bid from Rutgers. Army had another good win over Notre Dame this weekend and now has two top five RPI wins (SU, UND) along with three other top 20 RPI wins (BU, BU, UMass). Nevertheless, the Black Knights should not get a spot this year.

Here are your conference tourney winners

America East: Albany Great Danes

Big East: Marquette Golden Eagles

Big Ten: Maryland Terrapins

Colonial: Towson Tigers

Ivy League: Yale Bulldogs

MAAC: Monmouth Hawks

Northeast Conference: Bryant Bulldogs

Patriot League: Loyola Greyhounds

SoCon: Air Force Falcons

…and your probable at-large bids

Syracuse Orange

Duke Blue Devils

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

North Carolina Tar Heels

Ohio State Buckeyes

Denver Pioneers

Penn State Nittany Lions

Johns Hopkins Blue Jays

Unofficial RPI Rankings from @laxfilmroom.

1. Maryland

2. Syracuse

3. Albany

4. Notre Dame

5. Penn State

6. Ohio State

7. Johns Hopkins

8. Denver

9. Duke

10. UNC

11. Towson

12. Rutgers

13. Yale

14. Army

15. Hofstra

16. Villanova

17. Loyola

18. Boston University

19. UMass

20. Binghamton

21. Marquette

24. Air Force

35. Bryant

38. Monmouth

Based on the unofficial RPI, below are the teams who’s seeding is up in the air.


RPI: 3

Top Five Wins: None

Top 10 Wins: None

Top 20 Wins: UMass, Binghamton, Binghamton, Yale

Notre Dame

RPI: 4

Top Five Wins: Maryland

Top 10 Wins: Ohio State, North Carolina, Duke

Top 20 Wins: None

Penn State

RPI: 5

Top Five Wins: Maryland

Top 10 Wins: Ohio State

Top 20 Wins: Villanova, Rutgers

Ohio State

RPI: 6

Top Five Wins: Maryland

Top 10 Wins: Denver, Johns Hopkins, Johns Hopkins

Top 20 Wins: UMass, Towson

Johns Hopkins

RPI: 7

Top Five Wins: Penn State

Top 10 Wins: North Carolina

Top 20 Wins: Loyola, Rutgers


RPI: 8

Top Five Wins: Notre Dame

Top 10 Wins: Duke

Top 20 Wins: Towson, Villanova


RPI: 9

Top Five Wins: Notre Dame

Top 10 Wins: North Carolina

Top 20 Wins: Loyola, Boston University

The seeding is completely up in the air. Below is how I would seed the teams, but there are a lot of arguments to be made, especially with Denver, Notre Dame, and Albany.

1. Maryland

2. Syracuse

3. Ohio State

4. Notre Dame

5. Penn State

6. Denver

7. Albany

8. Johns Hopkins

Here is my bracket. Remember, the first round matchups are based on geography and the Committee tries to avoid conference matchups in the first round if possible.

1. Maryland vs. Monmouth/Bryant

8. Johns Hopkins vs. Duke

5. Penn State vs. Loyola

4. Notre Dame vs. Air Force

3. Ohio State vs. Marquette

6. Denver vs. UNC

7. Albany vs. Towson

2. Syracuse vs. Yale

Leave your comments below and watch the Selection Show at 9 PM on ESPNU.