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Syracuse Lacrosse: SU to host the ACC Championship in 2020...Maybe

The Orange are scheduled to host the ACC Championship in 2020, but that could change.

Towson v Virginia Photo by Jay Paul/Getty Images

The ACC confirmed that for the foreseeable future it would be sticking with the campus hosts for the ACC Tournament. The Conference also confirmed, to, the Championship schedule. The Virginia Cavaliers will host 2018, the Duke Blue Devils will host the 2019 Championship, the Syracuse Orange will be the host in 2020, and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish should be the host in 2021. Donald Moore, the ACC’s Director of Championships, stressed to that the schedule is “tentative and could be altered based on the year-by-year hosting capabilities of the designated schools.”

Ahh yes, Greensboro, NC, center of the universe. On a personal level, I’m pumped that the ACCT will be in Virginia next year, which means I can actually go watch. But this garbage.

First of all, the schedule can be altered. Syracuse will be renovating the Carrier Dome. When? I don’t know. You don’t know. Who knows? Nooobody. But it will probably happen in the next few years, and if there is one Dome sport that SU won’t mind inconveniencing, it will be lacrosse. Therefore, I have to think there is at least a chance that Syracuse will not be able to host the Tournament in 2020 because of potential renovations, but as I said, nobody knows. Future plans are meant to be broken, so until the Tournament comes to Syracuse in 2020, I won’t hold my breath.

Secondly, the attendance in Chapel Hill was terrible. If you complained about the attendance at Kennesaw then you should be complaining about the attendance this year too. Sub 3,000 fans is a horrible showing. I would think UVA would have better attendance but it most likely will still not reach the Philadelphia level of a few years ago.

Ultimately though, if you are aiming for a better attended Tournament, you move away from campus sites and got to the DC or Philadelphia markets. Or you want to stay with campus sites and want an immediate injection you go to a place like Syracuse where the fans will show up. But it’s the ACC so we want to make sure the original schools are taken care of first …Greensboro-centrism rules.