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Syracuse Lacrosse: SU no longer champions of the attendance battle

The Syracuse Orange have been edged out in total home attendance by the Maryland Terrapins.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

In 2017 the Syracuse Orange had a total of 30,702 attendance at home games which is an average of 4,386 per game.

And so, for the first time in a long time, the Syracuse Orange will not hold the largest total attendance in NCAA lacrosse. After a monster 14,353 person crowd took in the Johns Hopkins at Maryland game last weekend, the Maryland Terrapins surpassed the total SU attendance for the 2017 season. Johns Hopkins sits third, beaten by SU by nearly 8,000 fans, and it took an extra home game to do it. Interestingly enough, the Michigan Wolverines are ranked fifth in total attendance with 22,031 and only played six home games.

In terms of average attendance per game, Syracuse is also second with 4,386 just behind Maryland with 5,248 fans per game. Michigan lands third with 3,672 fans per game. It is the first time since the 2012-13 season when Navy edged the out the Orange that Syracuse is not first in average fans per game.

The low point for Syracuse attendance this year was 2,886 against the Siena Saints while SU brought in 7,309 for the game against Duke.

In historical terms this is the lowest total attendance since 2012 when the Orange attracted 26,682 in six games. The next most recent time that the Orange had fewer than 30,702 fans was back in 1999 when SU had a total of 24,824 fans in six games. That sounds bad, but consider that the Orange played just seven home games this year and since 1999 SU has played seven or fewer games just seven times. Since 2013 this is the second highest attendance per game.