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Syracuse lacrosse: Ryan Powell helps brew up Widmer Brothers Lacrosse Stick Lager

The SU legend works with Oregon brewery Widmer Bros. to create the first lacrosse-themed beer.

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Brickyard 400 - Qualifying Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Everyone has their beer right? The one that is always in the fridge and the one you can count on when you go to one of those weird, specialty beer bars that Dan and John frequent where most of us feel totally out of our element.

Maybe it has not always been the same one though. For me, college was all Magic Hat No. 9 and post-college featured dollah ninety-nine bush lights while working at Mary Ann’s and ‘Gansetts at Sullivan’s Tap. Law school was completely taken over by LBLs (Labatt Blue Lights). But now it seems I’ve regressed to Miller Lites (got to support the two car) with a smattering of Port City Wit.

After reading that it should go without saying that Jim is not a craft beer guy. I will, however, take all of your bourbon.

Nevertheless, Widmer Brothers Brewery in Oregon just put out a must try beer for all you lax folks out there. Syracuse Orange legend Ryan Powell filled in as a celebrity brewmaster to aid in the making of Lacrosse Stick Lager, described as your standard American lager with a more hoppy character. Only 20 kegs of the lacrosse-themed beer have been produced and two were tapped for their New York debut last night at Ironwood Pizza in Manlius.

Of course the coolest thing isn’t just the name but the tap handle which is a small replica of an wooden lacrosse stick (which has since been replaced after complaints about its usage).

If you happened to be at Ironwood last night or you’ve tried the beer, let us know your thoughts.

Except you, John. Please refrain.