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No. 1 Syracuse (11-2, 2-2) vs. No. 13 Colgate (10-4, 6-2) GameThread

The Syracuse Orange will get one last chance to tweak its game before heading into the NCAA Tournament. Colgate will host the Orange in a series which Syracuse has largely dominated.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriot League Champion Colgate Raiders will host the top team in the nation on Saturday when the Syracuse Orange come to town.

Check out the preview for the game here.

The Orange are coming off of a big weekend in which the Orange took the ACC Title. Syracuse is presumably the number one seed in the upcoming NCAA Tournament, but a loss to Colgate would most certainly jeopardize that. Colgate, on the other hand, should be an unseeded team for the NCAAT but a win over Syracuse could help the Raiders get a more favorable opponent for the first round.

Watch to see how Syracuse plays on defense. Last weekend this team looked lost on defense, so this should be a good game to get things running smoothly. Don't expect to see Ben Williams too much today, I'm sure the coaching staff doesn't want to risk an injury. Colgate's best offensive player is Ryan Walsh, the senior is nearing the top of the Colgate record books for goals, assists, and points. Defensively, the Raiders have some major weaknesses, and goalie Brian Burke, while usually excellent, is quick to hit the deck on low shots making him susceptible to shots at hip height and above. Here are my Syracuse keys to the game which you can find in the game preview as well:

Keys to the Game for Syracuse

  • Sit Ben Williams after the first period
  • Go hip side high on Brandon Burke or take bouncers that finish in the upper, top-half of the cage; going low-to-high may also be a winner
  • Run the offense from behind and utilize the cutters
  • No need for the outside shots, Burke can eat those up; dodge and pass all day
  • Sit Ben Williams after the first period
  • Dodging from behind the cage will work, the SU attack have the ability to get a step on these long-poles and can easily beat on the crease curl
  • Multiple quick passes will disrupt this slow Raider defense
  • Be ready on the first slide, Colgate is primarily a dodging team
  • Challenge Ryan Walsh on the deep ball, he has a strong outside shot, but with his big frame he is less of a threat on the dodge; when Walsh has the ball force him to make that inside pass or attack his stick if he tries to run
  • And finally... sit Ben Williams after the first period

Todays game will be broadcast on CBS Sports Network so give it a go if you have that channel.

Enjoy folks!