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Syracuse Lacrosse No. 2 Again in Media/Coaches' Polls

Syracuse will remain the #2 team in the nation this week. Not much changed from last week with the exception of Stony Brook and Princeton.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

I want everyone to wave to Hopkins as they exit the top 20! BYE!! Quite frankly, it's about time. The Jays have some serious talent, and on paper I think they are a legit threat, but for whatever reason this team can't win any challenging game that comes its way.

The biggest difference between the two polls is the placement of the Stony Brook Seawolves (#14/18) and the Princeton Tigers (#18/14). First off, Stony Brook beat Princeton this week. Yes, Stony Brook beat Princeton two days ago (Saturday) and the coaches decided that Princeton was still better than the Seawolves by FOUR (!!!!) spots. Look, I understand that Stony Brook's SOS is horrendous, and Princeton has a slightly better RPI rank than the Seawolves, so I would get putting them tied with, or below Princeton by one or two spots...but four? You can tell me about how Princeton has a tougher schedule all day, but it all boils down to this: the Tigers are 1-4 against the toughest part of that schedule, its ranked opponents. It's not as if the coaches actually believe scheduling a really tough season should keep you in the top 15 of the poll, I mean, there are seven teams with a tougher SOS which are not in the USILA top 20. No, there is one reason why Princeton is so far ahead of Stony Brook, and it's the same reasoning that put a 7-7 Hopkins team into the Tournament in 2010 only to get slaughtered by Duke. It's because Princeton is a blue chip, traditionally dominant, lacrosse power; that's it. Grow up.

Also, to me it was a little curious how, in the Media Poll, Duke was punished for losing to the number one team in the country, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and the Virginia Cavaliers were rewarded for losing to the North Carolina Tar Heals. It's a small thing, and more a result of the idiosyncrasies of how the poll works than anything, but it's curious.

This week Notre Dame stayed atop both polls, followed by the Syracuse Orange who took one point in the Media Poll. In the USILA Coaches' Poll, every first place vote went to Notre Dame except for the lone first place vote that switched from Syracuse last week to Maryland this week. I guess for one division I coach out there beating a crappy Penn State team is more impressive than a win over Albany.

Dropped from the Rankings

  • Media Poll: Johns Hopkins, Navy
  • USILA Coaches Poll: Johns Hopkins, Navy

New This Week

  • Media Poll: Loyola (welcome back), Fairfield
  • USILA Coaches Poll: Stony Brook, Fairfield

Receiving Votes

  • Media Poll: Colgate, Harvard, Navy, Johns Hopkins, Hobart, Richmond
  • USILA Coaches Poll: Colgate, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Navy, Penn

Biggest Movers

  • Media Poll: Yale +4, Princeton -5
  • USILA Coaches Poll: Ohio State +3, Cornell -2, Brown -2, Marquette -2, Princeton -2

Conference Teams in the Poll

  • Media Poll: ACC (5 out of 5), Ivy (4/7), Big East (3/6), Big Ten (2/6), AmEast (2/7), Patriot (1/9), Colonial (1/6), Metro Atlantic (0/7), Northeast (0/7), Southern (0/7), Independent (0/2)
  • USILA Coaches Poll: ACC (5 out of 5), Ivy (4/7), Patriot (3/9), Big East (3/6), Big Ten (2/6), AmEast (2/7), Colonial (2/6), Metro Atlantic (0/7), Northeast (0/7), Southern (0/7), Independent (0/2)


Media Poll




Notre Dame (7-1)

1 (1)

1 (1)

Syracuse (8-1)

2 (2)

2 (2)

Maryland (9-1)

3 (3)

3 (3)

North Carolina (11-1)

4 (4)

4 (4)

Denver (8-2)

5 (5)

5 (5)

Virginia (8-3)

6 (8)

6 (6)

Yale (8-2)

7 (11)

9 (11)

Duke (7-4)

8 (7)

7 (7)

Albany (8-2)

9 (9)

8 (9)

Cornell (7-3)

10 (6)

10 (8)

Ohio State (9-3)

11 (14)

11 (14)

Brown (8-2)

12 (10)

12 (10)

Army (8-3)

13 (15)

13 (15)

Stony Brook (9-2)

14 (20)

18 (NR)

Towson (8-3)

15 (16)

16 (16)

Marquette (9-2)

16 (12)

15 (13)

Georgetown (7-4)

17 (17)

17 (17)

Princeton (6-3)

18 (13)

14 (12)

Loyola (6-5)

19 (NR)

19 (20)

Fairfield (7-4)

20 (NR)

20 (NR)

The Orange will visit the North Carolina Tar Heels a week from Saturday at 4:00 pm. The game can be seen on ESPNU and heard on WTKW 99.5 FM. Of course you can also follow me @Orangelax for updates throughout the game.