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Syracuse Lacrosse: Hayes McGinley's Future With Team Still TBD

Hayes McGinley pled guilty to second-degree assault on Tuesday. Later on that day Coach Desko was asked about McGinley's future with the team.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Hayes McGinley pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment on Tuesday. McGinley, who's words in court came off as remorseful and apologetic, received a one year conditional discharge, meaning he has to stay out of trouble and obey whatever other conditions are listed in the discharge order or he may be resentenced.

Unfortunately for McGinley, he still has to go through the University disciplinary system. It is unclear what sort of University charges could be brought or what the result could be. When asked about the situation, Coach Desko said,

"You know I think Hayes has gone through quite a bit, done a lot on his own to make sure that he's learned from this situation. I think he has. I think he's learned quite a bit."

Desko was then asked about McGinley's future on the team and the Coach said that he would not comment further until the University finished its process.

Hayes McGinley, the nephew of famed actor John C. McGinley, came to SU as the #22 ranked midfielder in the country. After receiving a medical redshirt last season, McGinley saw the field in just four games prior to getting involved in an altercation last month. Interestingly enough McGinley's lawyer, Eric Jeschke, was a 1986 captain on the SU lacrosse team.