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Syracuse 18 - Hobart 5: Kraus-Simmons Secured Again

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The Syracuse Orange will retain the Kraus-Simmons Trophy as they took down Hobart 18-5 on Tuesday night. The Orange hit the gas for three periods, building a 15-0 lead on the Statesmen.

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

As the Syracuse Orange jumped out to a 15-0 start, the 101st matchup between SU and Hobart was never in doubt.

To sum up the first half for Hobart: turnovers. Eight turnovers through two periods significantly hurt the Hobart Statesmen in putting together any sort of offense. If I'm Jackson Brown, I'm not speaking to my teammates this week this week after they completely left him out to dry in net. The problem for Hobart was passing and catching, only two of its eight, first half turnovers were forced. I will say, however, I was very impressed by Brown's play in net; he made some very outstanding saves, and was easily the best player on the field for Hobart. But seriously, how do you allow 27 shots in the first half?

Dylan Donahue had a hat trick and Randy Staats had four points by halftime. Offensively, Syracuse stretched out the defense, playing very far out from the goal. The Orange attack had a lot of success picking with the two man game behind the net and rolling up the crease.

The Hobart offense, especially in the first period, was lacking movement. The cutters were few and far between and the Statesmen were really trying to hold for possessions and pass around the box, sometimes attempting to dodge from the goal line extended. Unfortunately, you can't possess the ball if you can't pass and catch. It didn't help that Hobart's best offensive player, attackman Alex Love, didn't play due to injury.

Beginning in the third quarter, we saw a lot of roster depth from Syracuse. It was in that period, thirty-seven minutes into the game, when Hobart finally broke the shutout and put away its first goal of the game. At that point the score was well out of hand with the ‘Cuse up 15-1. Hobart and Syracuse both managed one more tally each before the close of the third period leaving SU up 16-2.

Warren Hill came into the game in the third period and looked very good in cage. Hill picked up five saves and gave up two goals, and he had one exceptional one-on-one save. Hill will be an excellent option for next year, but let's not start talking "goalie battle" or "controversy."

The fourth quarter was basically all backups for the Orange. Even the third backup goalie, Evan Molloy picked up more than a few minutes in the final period.

Ten players had a goal for Syracuse tonight, five had a multi-goal game, and seven players had a multi-point game. Randy Staats led all Syracuse players with four goals and two assists. A really interesting note regarding Staats, he had five shots, all on net. After missing several shots from in close against the North Carolina Tar Heels last week, it was nice to see him come back with some big time accuracy; four goals on five shots is pretty impressive. Kevin Rice picked up two-and-two for four points.

At the faceoff X, Ben Williams went 8-9 but it was nice to see Coach Desko rotating him out early. Cal Paduda went 6-9 and looked very good. Overall, the Orange had 17 wins in 25 attempts in the faceoff game.

Syracuse completely dominated in shots and groundballs. SU went hard to the ground on loose balls and were very aggressive on the clears forcing Hobart to fail on five.

When all is said and done, it was an excellent finish to the home schedule of the regular season. This team will have about a week and a half until it has to play either the Notre Dame Fighting Irish or UNC in the first round of the ACC Tournament; plenty of time to rest up.