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Syracuse Lacrosse: Orange to Scrimmage Iroquois, Israel

Syracuse is taking Cornell's place in the Cortland event.


Ever since the demise of the Great Pumpkin Stickout, Syracuse has had pretty quiet fall periods. Saving their game dates for a packed spring, the Orange highlighted their fall schedules with an annual alumni game, wherein people would do things and hands would be shook and expectations would irrationally be put in place for the coming regular season. It was a pretty static existence up on The Hill, until, of course, fecal matter fell from the sky in Ithaca.

Following hazing allegations that have temporarily sidelined Cornell from fall competition, Syracuse has stepped up and taken the Red's place at the late-September event that Cortland is holding. The Orange's opponents for the two-game laxtravaganza? Team Israel and a yet-to-be-determined Iroquois roster:

The Syracuse Orange will scrimmage the Iroquois Nationals and the Israel National team Sept. 29 at SUNY Cortland, replacing the Cornell Big Red in the wake of a full-team suspension handed down this week by the Cornell University administration following allegations of hazing by members of the men's lacrosse team.

Iroquois Nationals general manager Gewas Schindler confirmed that the Syracuse coaching staff agreed Friday to join the three-way scrimmage next weekend. Cornell had previously been scheduled to face both the Iroquois Nationals and the Israel National squad, but all fall activities for the Big Red were cancelled Thursday with no indication of whether that would change.

Both Israel and the Iroquois team are gearing up for this coming summer's World Championships in Denver. Israel won't put up much of a fight against the Orange, but Syracuse could learn a lot about itself against whatever roster Schindler sends to Cortland. The Iroquois are expected to medal in Denver, but they are -- at least at this point -- a cut below Team Freedom and the moose that will comprise Team Canada.

Syracuse will play Israel at 11 A.M. and then the Iroquois at noon. I have no idea if this event costs money.