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Just Like Old Times: Syracuse Lacrosse Back In The Final Four

It has been a few years since Syracuse lacrosse fans got a chance to sit down during Memorial Day Weekend and root on the Orange in the Final Four. Just think, this used to be a yearly tradition. Here's to hoping this is the start of another great thing.


This used to be a yearly thing -- the Syracuse Orange lacrosse team making the Final Four gunning for another National Championship. However, in the past few years the college lacrosse world seemingly caught up with SU, winner of 11 titles, its latest coming in thrilling fashion in 2009 with a victory over the Cornell Big Red.

Now, just like any other college sport, expect maybe football which has been dominated by the SEC, lacrosse's NCAA Tournament has become a crapshoot. If a team can make the tournament it has a chance to win the whole shebang, the perfect example was Loyola (MD) last year.

(Remember when freakin' Loyola (MD) won the national championship?!?!)

Yet, after a three-year hiatus, the Orange, this year's top seed, are back in the Final Four, and Syracuse fans have something to do during Memorial Day Weekend; like take a road trip to Philadelphia or watch a large amount of lacrosse from home.

As mentioned above, for 22 straight years, this used to be a yearly thing. Orange lacrosse fans always knew what they were going to do this time of year and could seemingly book their weekend road trips well in advance, and do it without hesitation. Heck, SU lacrosse players had to sacrifice not attending graduation because they were going to play for a National Championship -- a sacrifice they happily made.

For the past few years, SU had been on the outside looking in and during parts of this season -- in fact a lot of times this season -- it looked like a majority of Orange lacrosse fans would be doing the same "traditional" thing it had been doing the last couple of seasons, which is ignoring the game they care about so much come May.

But somehow, even after a crazy loss to Hobart, its multiple flaws including not being able to win a face-off, SU found itself and was able to make it a run at the Final Four. (Does that sound familiar?). And though, the Orange, despite being the No. 1-seeded team, may not be a favorite entering the weekend it has a shot at a 12th national title, and bringing back a tradition we had all grown to love -- winning a national championship on Memorial Day.

Sure, the tradition may not be like it used to be -- not many things are -- but it sure feels good to care again (oh, and root against Bill Tierney)? And who knows, this could be something we could all, again, be getting used to.