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Syracuse Nabs First 2015 Commit, According to Inside Lacrosse

Texas Midfielder Sam Romano becomes Syracuse's first lacrosse commit of the 2015 class.

Jim O'Connor-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Following yesterday's news that Syracuse may be looking to bring in UNC transfer Nick Galasso, we have some more good news in Syracuse lacrosse recruiting, courtesy of Inside Lacrosse.

The recruiting of Sam Romano continues Syracuse's recruiting strategy of bringing in players from developing lacrosse areas. The sport is currently booming out in Texas, and Romano is one of the ten best players in the state in his class, as is indicated by his inclusion on the 2012 Texas Heat Elite squad.

While some have bemoaned Desko's focus on non-traditional lacrosse areas, I think that it will be a pretty big asset for the program as the demographics of the sport continue to shift.

Romano is currently coached by Syracuse lacrosse alumnus Pat Kennedy (h/t Whitey23).

For more on Romano, including a some nice highlight footage, check out his Lacrosse Recruits profile, which can be found here.