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The TNIAAM Guide to Syracuse Football Scheduling

You've just been named the Associate Athletic Director for Football Scheduling. Congratulations!!! You hold the keys to our out-of-conference scheduling kingdom...will you choose wisely? Or will you find yourself blown up faster than a George McDonald bubble screen??? Good luck, and G'Orange!

Hi Friends!

Like you, there are few things in life that I love more than Syracuse University Football. And there are few things about Syracuse University Football that I love more than Syracuse University Football out-of-conference scheduling! You heard that right...

Now many of you may poo-poo my love of out-of-conference scheduling -- perhaps suggesting that it is the combatants themselves, the strategy, or the drama of game that really sets ones heart alight. BUT OH NO MY FRIENDS! It is the SCHEDULE in my humble opinion that really signals the intentions of a program, and places a marker on a fan base's expectation level before a single Riley Dixon ball has been gloriously kicked into the heavens!

Do you schedule tough in the hope that you can grab a signature win, increase #BRAND and help recruiting? Do you schedule soft in the hope that your ill-gotten 8-4 regular season will get you an invite to a mid-tier bowl game against the 4th-placed team in the SEC West? The possibilities are endless!

So with that in mind, I offer you the opportunity to see what kind of scheduler you would be. Will you go big? Will you stay local?? Will your decisions lead to your firing??? Choose your own adventure, and find out where our storied program will travel to next.

Good luck!