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What the P-S Won't Tell You About Duke

This one is for the home fans...those that remain...

Forgive me for making a pretty pessimistic statement above in what is intended to be a humorous, and optimism-filled weekly post.  Don't get me wrong, I love my Orange and still have a light-hearted attitude about the state of affairs with SU football.  That light-hearted attitude will stay with me until I become The Interred Swordsman.  But following another home loss against a beatable opponent, I can't help but feel really badly for the fans who go week in and week out only to be let down by the end result.

I look at the 2014 season, and if we lose as expected to the #22 Duke Blue Devils on Saturday, we would be one shanked 25-yard field goal from going 0-7 at home this season (including Notre Dame).  That is just about as bad as it gets, and it says a lot that there remains a solid enough block of fans that continue to arrive through the turnstiles even though they know that they are likely to be blown right back out of The Dome three hours later with yet another loss to stew on.

It says enough that I simply want to say this to each and every one of you who continues to go to the stadium and support this team regardless of the result:  I love you.  Really, I do.

I know the team is struggling, and it is easy to rail on all the folks who aren't there filling the Dome's bleachers.  But not enough credit is being given to those to turn the expanses of platinum into...well, something other than platinum.  Hang in there friends, I can't honestly say when things will turn around, but they always have, and always will.  SU football is like our weather:  long stretches of gloom followed by bursts of brilliance!  And I know that those who have been through the current gloom will enjoy the program's coming Spring all that much more...


In this week's preview, we try to figure out what the hell happened to Duke football!!!  We cast an envious glare at their recent success.  And we re-hash TMZ-style an old scandal that turned the mascot world upside-down!!!

Enjoy, and Go Orange!