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What the P-S Won't Tell You About Boston College

TNIAAM's season-long nonsensical football opponent preview series concludes with our old rivals, the Boston College Eagles.

Anyone still out there???

Here we are, 24 months removed from playing a Steve Addazio-coached team, and the atmosphere around our football program could not have gone more "180" on us!  Gone is the optimism, confidence, and seeming stability of a program who put the GROB Era to rest and put Syracuse back on a path towards relevance.  In its place is pessimism, chaos and near panic as our beloved team has re-entered a downward spiral in 2014 that we nervously hope will turn out to be an anomaly.

Last week's performance in Pittsburgh was the worst of the lot for this Orange team, yet there is one more game to that certainly helps us with bragging rights and our Orange Eagle Trophy points total should we win.  But more than that, a win, or at least a competitive effort will go a long way toward giving us a sliver of hope as we enter the off season and all of the uncertainty that it will bring for our players, recruits and staff.  If ever a truly #hardnosed performance was needed from HCSS and the Orange football team, this weekend's game would be the one.


In this week's preview, we welcome you all to Rivalry Week, where glory, pride, and Orange Eagle Trophy points are on the line!!!  We wallow in the irony of seeing Coach Steve Addazio on the opposing sidelines with the tables completely turned on us.  And we rank Boston College's rather common nickname against other famous Eagles from the past 40 years!

Hi Friends.  This concludes the 2014 season of What the P-S Won't Tell You About.  It has been a lot of fun pulling these together for you, and I hope you found a few of the previews entertaining over the course of the year.  As an SU football fan, I pretty much use this feature as a way of expressing my appreciation for SU football and all of you, the fans.  It also doubles as a coping mechanism for me for seasons like this one when the chips have been down a bit.  Perhaps it has helped you too!

Thanks to Sean for putting up with my poor Photoshopping skills, and to all of you for reading them.  See you in 2015, when we go 8-5 and beat a highly overconfident Minnesota team in the Pinstripe Bowl behind a ferocious defense and the platinum arm of Alin Edouard!

Enjoy, and Go Orange!