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What the P-S Won't Tell You About...Pitt

Syracuse Football is meant to be fun...Syracuse football hasn't really been all that much let's have some fun!

It's been a long, hard season for Syracuse football fans like me.  It wasn't that long ago that I sat in front of this very computer excitedly thinking about Fall -- my favorite season of the year!  I was dreaming about going 4-1 in OOC play and taking down the likes of Wake Forest, NC State and Duke.  I figured we could take one-of-two against Pitt or BC, and even spring a surprise win over the likes of Notre Dame or Louisville.  Asking for a win over FSU or Clemson still seemed like pure folly, but I had reason for optimism, right?

2014 Syracuse Orange Football was going to be so much fun you guys!

Well, Fall has pretty much come and gone, and with it's passing, so too have our hopes and dreams for at least another season.  Sure, we have a typical meat grinder of a game against Pitt followed by the prospect of 12 Orange Eagle Trophy Points against BC.  The promise of 120 more minutes of Syracuse Football in any form is always enough for gluttons for punishment like me, but I don't dare expect anything more than a solid effort from our team.  #hardnosed?  I suppose so.  Victory???  Not feeling it.

So, with not a whole lot else to look forward to, I thought I'd shift the focus of this week's "What the P-S Won't Tell You".  All of us have been short of fun on Fall Saturdays this season, so rather than go ahead with another nonsensical preview, I give you some real-live fun this week....PAPER FOOTBALL!!!!

Syracuse looked good on paper back in August, but failed to give us the enjoyment we were expecting.  So let's just take that paper and literally turn it into something we CAN enjoy.

Enjoy, and Go Orange!