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What the P-S Won't Tell You About North Carolina State

Our nonsensical football opponent preview series continues with The NC State Wolfpack

Last week can best be described as a missed opportunity.  We walked into a hostile environment only to encounter an opponent that performed well below what we expected of them, made mistake after mistake, and generally turned the contest into an error-prone war of attrition that was tailor-made for an SU upset.

...oh, and The Orange football team lost 16-6.


It is with great joy that Syracuse turns the page on last week's nonsense, and welcomes North Carolina State to The Carrier Dome, and Backing The Pack to TNIAAM!  Both teams will be desperate to post a victory that will be vital for their bowl eligibility, but if I am being honest, I am just as desperate to have a normal conversation about football with an opposing fan base that is...well...normal.


In this week's preview, we welcome the least "blue-bloody" of our North Carolina overlords (and that's a very good thing)!  We acknowledge other famed individuals who, like NC State, are often seen as the fourth most important member of a quartet, and we are stunned into silence to hear that NC State Head Coach Dave Doeren and Clemson fans think alike!!!

Enjoy, and Go Orange!