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Syracuse Vs. Wagner: 'Das Boot' Out; Drew Allen, Terrel Hunt Will Both See Action

Syracuse's head coach addressed the media Thursday morning before Saturday's showdown with Wagner, and made a few announcements worth noting.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

An undisclosed injury will keep Syracuse Orange kicker Ross Krautman out of Saturday's football game against Wagner. Backup Ryan Norton will get his first shot at starting.

That was one of a few announcements made by Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer Thursday during his final press conference before the Orange's home opener versus the Seahawks.

As expected, Shafer confirmed that both quarterbacks, Drew Allen and Terrel Hunt, will see action. The plan, according to Shafer via's Nate Mink, is to have Allen start, run the first three series and mix in Hunt after that.

Shafer admitted Allen hasn't been consistent enough over the past two games and needs to stop turning the ball over.

(For the record, I'd like to see Allen just not turn the ball over. But, that's just me.)

Meanwhile, the old, hard-nosed coach was also up to his old tricks saying a few interesting things.

(That's what she said.)

It must be Wagner week!

Anyway, discuss the latest news heading into Saturday,.