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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #20 Brisly Estime

It is possible the fastest player on this year's team will be a freshman -- wide receiver, Brisly Estime.

Name: Brisly Estime

Position: Wide receiver

Year: Freshman

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 176

Hometown: Delray Beach, FL

High School: Atlantic Community

2013 Projections: Estime, one of George McDonald's South Florida recruits, is expected to be Syracuse's speedster and is one of the few freshmen that should see playing time. Mainly, as a returner on special teams. How much will he play on offense? Well, that all depends on what McDonald has in store for him and how well he plays when he's in.

How'd He Get Here?: Syracuse beat out schools like North Carolina State, Cincinnati (suck it), Iowa State, Purdue and Western Michigan. From the get-go, Estime was a George McDonald guy, even when he was at Arkansas, and when McDonald was hired by Syracuse Estime soon followed.

What'd Scout/Rivals Say?: Estime was rated three-stars by Rivals, three-stars by ESPN and two-stars by Scout.

Money Quote: EEstime is ready to make an impact as a freshman.

"I'm a freshman and just trying to learn the plays and get on the field as soon as possible," Estime said.

Links of Wonder: Morris and fellow redshirt freshman back Devante MacFarlane have impressed the older guys in the running back unit.

Tweets of Wonder (literally):

What Does Prince-Tyson Gulley Think:

"Brisly is real fast, real quick," Gulley said. "He definitely has a knack for punt return ― just running the ball period. We're going to try to use him the best way we can if he can get the punt return spot."

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: In high school, Estime mainly played defensive back. That's where he felt more comfortable, but in McDonald's offensive system he is beginning to like playing wide receiver.

Let Us Get a Good Look Atchya: