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Happy Jersey Day!: New Syracuse Football Players Get Their Numbers

SUAthletics has the preseason depth chart up, and with it, we have jersey numbers for all of the new Orangemen.


Jersey number assignments are incredibly important, as we all know, since the pros end up bartering over them every year when they switch teams. While the official roster on SUAthletics hasn't been updated for the incoming freshmen and transfers yet, the preseason depth chart gives us a peek at what jerseys the new guys will don this fall.

A hat-tip to OrangeXtreme over at who caught this:

3. Mitch Kimble

5. Austin Wilson

8. Drew Allen

13. Corey Winfield

15. Chauncey Scissum

18. Darius Kelly

20. Brisly Estime

33. Marquez Hodge

49. Alryk Perry

65. Jamar McGloster

67. Michael Lasker

71. Alex Hayes

80. Tyler Provo

83. Sean Avant

86. PJ Batten

87. Trevon Trejo

91. Isaiah Johnson

92. Tyler Marona

98. Kendall Moore

A few notes:

-Austin Wilson is obviously not worried about the pressure of wearing number five as a Syracuse quarterback. I'm looking forward to McNabb staring him down on the sideline during the Wake Forest game.

-Drew Allen will wear #8, as anyone who follows his twitter account probably guessed he would. Drew wore 15 at Oklahoma, which was vacant until Chauncey Scissum locked it up. He wore #17 in high school, but Charley Loeb will only be pushed so far, apparently.

-Tyler Provo saves SU a couple of bucks in new jersey costs by just taking his brother's #80.

-Though Kendall Moore is listed at offensive line, his #98 would seem to hint that he will get a shot at tight end as well since it an eligible receiver number.

-Mitch Kimble, Wilson, and Provo each keep their high school numbers.

-Not a jersey note, but an interesting tidbit nonetheless - Sean Avant is also listed at the H-Back position behind Ashton Broyld and Brisly Estime.

-Linebacker Malcolm Howard is not listed anywhere, which is hopefully just an oversight.