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George McDonald's Vine is the Best Vine

Everyone's favorite offensive coordinator/social media wizard documents Syracuse football's summer, six seconds at a time.

Jeff Zelevansky

If there's a major difference between the Marrone and Shafer regimes, at least to those of us in the public, it is their willingness to embrace social media. Marrone's staff didn't do much to utilize or engage fans on twitter, facebook, or other sites, which is fine. However, this year has seen a number of teams step up their efforts on the web, especially when it comes to recruiting, and offensive coordinator George McDonald and director of recruiting operations Eric White (whose impressive rise in the football ranks was recently documented by Chris Carlson) are on top of these trends. Both have been incredibly liberal in their hints to #OrangeNation about near-commits and recruits who could use "a bit more love". Both guys understand how to play the game.

They also know how to have fun.

McDonald recently created a Vine account, and the results have been...something.

We get a quick look at some facilities:

We have a few homemade promos for the season:

He and Jerome Smith are not exactly Don Draper: Not everyone is a fan:

This weekend, a number of freshmen Syracuse football players moved in and started their college careers. Coach McDonald was there, always Vinin':

Sean Avant's hair though... Lunch at Ernie Davis, always thrilling: As a recent grad who spends entirely too much time on Twitter and the like, I fully enjoy having a staff that can embrace social media, even if it may not have a direct impact on wins and losses. People want to feel like they are a part of the program, and I feel like I have a better sense of the team and coaching staff's personality than at any point since I left SU last May.