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Syracuse University's Indoor Facility A 'Work In Progress That Is Going To Happen'

We all know he's a doctor, but he also could be a prophet.


If God were to pick a place to build an indoor-football facility to compete in the Atlantic Coast Conference he would first pick Syracuse University, says DOCTOR Daryl Gross, the university's athletic director and knower of all things almighty.

Gross' comments, which came Wednesday at the tail end of this article that updated the progression of SU's new facility, are not only a bit Scott Shafer, over-the-top but actually real. Take a look see:

"We'll do our lion's share of funding it," Gross said. "But the nice thing is we'll be able to start the project without having to wait for all the funds to be there. We're gonna be big-time football, we're gonna compete in the ACC, obviously we need this. If you said who needs an indoor facility first, that you were just picking and you were God, you'd probably start with Syracuse.

"We have a responsibility to be competitive in the ACC. They're giving us a great opportunity to come in that conference, a great academic league and we should be performing up to the standard that they expect."

Now, I understand what Gross is actually saying. But when it comes to God and football, Mr. Gross, you leave that stuff to the SEC.

Nevertheless, SU's proposed $17-million, 87,000-square foot facility is a "work in progress that is going to happen," according to Gross, and construction could begin this Fall.

I feel a new hashtag in the works. #BUSTEMOUT