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Could it be? Will the Shamarko Thomas legacy continue?

Jeff Zelevansky

Looking back at the 2012-13 football season there were a lot of things Syracuse football fans took for granted. The awesomeness of Ryan Nassib's final season, the sure-handedness of our wide receiving corps and the timelessness of our defense are a few things that come to mind.

However, one thing we may miss more than anything, come this season, is #SHAMARKO scrolling through our Twitter feeds when the senior safety nearly killed someone with a big hit or did something athletically that we've never seen before.

Sadly, there may never be another Shamarko Thomas, who lit-up the NFL Combine with his blazing speed -- while falling on his face -- strength, leaping ability and whatever else they had him do. And though, we may not be able to replace #Shamarko physically, it seems mentally the torch will be passed writes's Chris Carlson, who spoke to William Hicks, the assistant athletic director for athletic performance.

"Each one, teach one," said Hicks, Syracuse's assistant athletic director for athletic performance. "Each one passes the torch. The guys have taken a lot from Shamarko, and he took things from the guys before him like Ryan Bartholomew."

Hicks said he considers linebacker Cameron Lynch, a 5-foot-11, 234-pound junior, the next Syracuse player in that lineage, a positive sign for Lynch and an even bigger one for the Syracuse defense.

(Does 100 push-ups and reads on.)

Hicks said Lynch can already rival middle linebacker Marquis Spruill in the weight room, and Spruill was named an honorable mention athletic "freak" by CBS' Bruce Feldman.

"Cam Lynch will be at that point," Hicks said. "We've got some young ones too. But Lynch, he's already close to where Spruill is. He's a weight-room freak. The only difference is in the 40. Spruill ran really well. Lynch hasn't gotten to run that yet."

Since he stepped on the field, I have been a big fan of Cam Lynch. Now, oh man I can't wait to see him in action this season.

If Lynch can bring half the awesomeness of Shamarko Thomas than we're all in for a treat this season.