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Ryan Nassib, Justin Pugh Are Professional Football Players

Two former Syracuse football players, Ryan Nassib and Justin Pugh, took to the professional football fields Tuesday for the New York Giants. They did football things and talked about it after.


It has been years since a former Syracuse Orange quarterback was a talking point during NFL mini-camps -- for those curious, it has been 14 years since Donovan McNabb was a rookie with the Philadelphia Eagles -- so Tuesday was a day to celebrate, as Ryan Nassib took to the practice field for the New York Giants.

Looking snazzy in his new red jersey, Nassib and former Orange linemen Justin Pugh did what they needed to do at Day 1 of mini-camp. Afterward, the New York Daily News caught up with the duo to talk about playing with each other yet again.

"When I’m in the huddle, to have him come in and calling the plays is crazy because I’ve been going through that for the past four years and it’s continuing on," Pugh said. "It’s definitely a great thing to have him there just to bounce ideas off of, (to) go over our playbooks together. To have him there, it’s great for me and I know it’s great for him."

It's early, but so far the duo has avoided any rookie hazing -- which, we can all assume will change.

"It’s still early," Nassib said. "I’m always going to be on my toes and I’m expecting the worst. . . . It’s just a part of being a rookie. (I’ll) try to have a good sense of humor about it."

Meanwhile, Bleacher Report (yeah, that Bleacher Report) is doing a "The Rookies" mini-camp special and featured Mr. Pugh. It is a pretty cool look into what Pugh's new life is like in the Big Apple. (P.S., after the clip there's a nice feature about Pugh's Draft Day experience, which is also good.)

If you'd like to keep up with the two former Orangemen, SB Nation's Big Blue View is at Giants' mini-camp. Follow along here.