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Scott Shafer Has A Hardnosed Conversation With Mike Francesa

Fresh off a round of golf at the Westchester Country Club, for the New York Yankees/New Era Pinstripe Bowl Charity Golf Tournament, Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer chatted for 16 minutes with New York's Mike Francesa. The conversation wasn't radio gold, but it was good enough to listen to.


Syracuse football head coach Scott Shafer hit the links, again, Monday, as he participated in the New York Yankees/New Era Pinstripe Bowl Charity Golf Tournament at the Westchester Country Club.

When finished, the hardnosed coach joined the legendary Mike Francesa for a pretty lengthy chat on New York radio.

Here's a podcast of the interview, if you'd like to give it a listen. But, if you don't have time to listen here's a few highlights to wet your whistle.

1) To start, Mike Francesa takes way too much interest in Scott Shafer's background/resume. No disrespect to Shafer, but Francesa sounds like he's interviewing the most interesting man in the world -- "Oh really? Where you from? Oh really? That's Division III? Oh really? He's a good coach? Oh really?"

2) Francesa calls Syracuse (football) head coaching job a big deal. Though, Shafer has coached at Michigan and Stanford.

(This is no disrespect to SU. Just pointing out that Francesa acts like Shafer has never been a part of a major college football program. That is not the case at all.)

3) Francesa had no idea that Shafer was the defensive coordinator at Stanford. Which explains Francesa's comments about Syracuse being a big deal.

4) At about the 5-minute mark, Shafer uses his amazing, "We're going to lock up the dome and beat the hell out of them" shtick on Clemson -- yikes!

5) Near the 6 1/2-minute mark, listen to the joy in Shafer's voice when he rehashes the dominance Syracuse had against Geno Smith and the Mountaineers.

6) At 8 minutes, Shafer shares a cool story about Jim Boeheim and his love for Syracuse.

7) Can't help but smile when Francesa tries to use a bunch of terminology to figure out what type of offense and defense Syracuse will use this year. You just can feel that Francesa is trying so hard to either: A) sound smart to gain the respect of Shafer; or B) sound smart to look smarter than Shafer.

8) Francesa tries to get Shafer to take the bait and talk about whether he thinks Chip Kelly's offense will work on in the NFL. Shafer doesn't take the bait -- and then I ask, why would you ask a college coach that question?

9) Sadly, I only counted one #hardnosed in the whole 16-minute interview.