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Ryan Nassib Still Hasn't Heard From Doug Marrone

Despite having a successful and strong relationship with quarterback Ryan Nassib, former Syracuse football head coach Doug Marrone, now in charge of the Buffalo Bills, has yet to contact his former signal caller, which spoke with about being a New York Giant.


Personally, the whole Doug Marrone passing on Ryan Nassib in the draft story is old news. (I think, I like to ignore it because I was so brokenhearted when it didn't happen.)

But for those still holding grudges and looking for more gas to throw on your Doug-Marrone-hating fire,'s Michael Cohen published a feature Wednesday on the former Syracuse signal caller now New York Giant, who admitted HCDM hasn't even contacted him yet to even say congratulations.

Nassib was diplomatic in his assessment of the Bills' choice, calling it a "business decision" and saying he has no ill will toward any of his former coaches. He also said he has not heard from Marrone, Hackett or anyone else in the Buffalo organization since before the draft.

Really, Doug? No speed-dial call or text? Interesting. But whatevs.

Despite there maybe being some disappointment about not getting a chance to start right away, Nassib told Cohen that he is very excited about his new opportunity to develop as a NFL quarterback and backup two-time Super Bowl champion, Eli Manning. Oh, and play with SU teammate a good friend Justin Pugh.

"Even though I’m so much of a competitor and how much I want to play," Nassib said, "sometimes being able to take a few years to develop and really refine your game to the point so that when it is your time to play you’re way better off than coming in as a rookie."

"There’s countless things I like about Eli," Nassib said. "I’ve always admired him because I always saw a lot of his game in mine. I can’t tell you how excited I am to learn from a guy like that, a guy who is that elite."

Nassib waited two days before being selected by the Giants, who traded up in the fourth round to take him. The waiting, as Nassib points out, is now over and it is time to get to work.

"It was something my old teammate Ryan Bartholomew had told me," Nassib said. "The draft is just the starting point. It’s not the destination. The organization I got drafted to, I couldn’t ask for a better starting point for myself and for a career in the NFL."