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NFL Draft 2013: Ryan Nassib Learns Tough Lesson About Professional Sports

Ryan Nassib hasn't even landed a job with a NFL franchise, and already he has learned professional sports' most important lesson -- loyalty is overrated.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

There's a falsehood about sports -- that some of our TNIAAM readers hold dear to their hearts -- that loyalty should be honored at all times.

Former Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone, now the headman of the Buffalo Bills, honored most of his loyal assistant coaches back in January with jobs in the National Football League.

So, on Thursday night, it was a bit of a shocker when HCDM threw his so-called loyalty to his former signal caller and NFL Draft prospect Ryan Nassib out the window by bypassing him for Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel with the No. 16 overall selection of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Of course, this is assuming that Doug Marrone was the only one making the decision to select Manuel. Which, let me remind you, isn't the case in the NFL where there are also owners, team presidents (Russ Brandon) and general managers (Buddy Nix and Doug Whaley) making franchise decisions.

Whether or not HCDM had a full say in which quarterback to pick, this decision, for SU football fans, will always be remembered as the time he failed to honor his (contract) loyalty by not picking Nassib; who did not get drafted in the first round and will need to wait until at least Friday night to hear his name called.

Already there are many current and former Syracuse players expressing their shock about Marrone not rewarding a quarterback that helped him earn his job in the NFL.

Though, lets not forget it was Marrone and Nathaniel Hackett that helped Nassib develop from a Draft unknown to a potential first-round selection.

Personally, I was shocked as anyone. Once Buffalo traded from No. 8 to No. 16, I thought for sure it setup a perfect scenario for Marrone and company to pick Nassib -- they would no longer get slammed for taking a second- or third-round quarterback in the Top 10.

But, the business of winning football games comes before loyalty -- just like in many other aspects of life. Doug Marrone has a job to keep and (hopefully for Bills fans) Super Bowls to win, and Thursday night he made it clear he believes Manuel -- a fine young man with a lot more potential than Nassib -- will give him a better chance to accomplish those goals.

It sucks Nassib, somebody we all are hoping the best for, was seemingly slighted by his former college head coach. But he will be fine and he will get a chance to start in the NFL.

Most importantly, Nassib learned the No. 1 lesson about the NFL -- it is a business, a harsh one, that doesn't care about the past but what you can do for a team now and in the future. Nassib learned that Thursday and it will only benefit him for the future.