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Syracuse Football Offers Scholarship To QB EAGLES JR.

Syracuse has offered a scholarship to one Randall Cunningham Jr. of Las Vegas, NV. Upon hearing this one's inner child feels old, excited or both.


Scholarship offers to football recruits usually go unmentioned here, but Monday night something scrolled across Twitter that was too exciting for a 26-year-old to ignore.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, QB EAGLES, also known as Randall Cunningham, the four-time NFL Pro Bowler, has a son that is old enough to be recruited by head coach Scott Shafer.

According to Rivals, QB EAGLES JR. (Las Vegas, NV) is listed at 6-foot-5, 185 pounds and has a track-and-field scholarship offer to UCLA.

Here's why:

That's him clearing 7-feet, 1-inch. Yeap, QB EAGLES JR. just cleared Fab Melo by an inch.

Here's some outstanding film on the young lad.

That's him leading a 96-yard touchdown drive in 2 minutes, 5 seconds with rushes of 26, 23 and 25 yards.

In my humble opinion, the most impressive aspect of the drive was the way he stood in the pocket, twice, in the heat of an all-out blitz, moved away from the rush and delivered a pair of strikes to his wide receivers.

One word describe this kid: impressive.

(Seriously, here's some film.)