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Syracuse Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett Headed To Bills, Per Reports

After being assured Monday that the Syracuse football program was going to retain both its defensive and offensive coordinators, less than 24 hours later its seems one is destined to join Doug Marrone in Buffalo.


Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be a sports blogger in the middle of a coaching carousel? Well, really all you need to do is write up a story about a report, and then wait a few hours to write the exact opposite story.

For the last week that is what it seems we've been doing here at TNIAAM, and Tuesday night is no different.

Less than 24 hours after reports assured you Syracuse offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett was going to stay and not join Doug Marrone in Buffalo, the exact opposite is being reported by The Post Standard (who had it first),'s Brent Axe (who said he heard this rumor earlier in the day) and ESPN's Brett McMurphy.

Since then, Buffalo News' Tim Graham has confirmed the news.

According to these reports, not only is Hackett going to join Marrone in the NFL, but apparently he's the team's choice for offensive coordinator.

Luckily, this news is coming after quarterback recruit Zach Allen said he was firmly committed to SU. However, I am pretty sure we might of jinxed that too.

If Hackett is indeed off to Buffalo, a place where he served as a Quality Control Coach in 2008-09, to be the offensive coordinator it is one of the most risky moves I've seen. (But kudos for him on getting the gig.)

The 33-year-old Hackett will certainly be one of the, if not the, youngest coordinators in the league. And though he does have some NFL experience, most would have pegged him as the Bills' new quarterback coach rather than the OC - he'd work wonders with a young quarterback, especially if it was Ryan Nassib.

As much as Marrone and Shafer should get credit for helping Syracuse recover from a 1-3 start to the 2012 season, it was Hackett who finally was able to figure out the best play-calling system for the team. It took him awhile, but he did figured it out.

Plus, Bills fans could go gaga when they hear it was mainly his idea to install components of Buffalo's famous K-Gun offense, which was used during the team's Super Bowl runs of the early 90s.

(Also, if you just talk to Hackett for about 30 seconds you instantly love the guy.)

But here we are, again, back into this crazy world of the coaching carousel - a ride that seemingly never ends.