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Scott Shafer To Be Named Syracuse's Next Head Coach, Says Recruit

An incoming Syracuse recruit has told multiple media outlets the university plans to name Scott Shafer the next head coach.


If you're on the Scott-Shafer-should-be-the-next-Syracuse-football-head-coach train it's looking like you might reach your intended destination.

According to a report from The Post Standard's Donnie Webb, an incoming Syracuse recruit, defensive back Darius Kelly, has apparently spilled the beans on the university's plan to promote the Orange's current defensive coordinator. Scout's is reporting the same information.

Kelly says he learned about Syracuse's intentions from assistant coach Donnie Henderson.

"He basically told me Shafer is going to be the coach for now," Kelly said. "They plan on announcing that Sunday."

Shafer, 46, has been a member of Syracuse's football staff since 2009's hiring of former head coach Doug Marrone, who was officially named the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills on Monday.

If Shafer is indeed the university's choice it would go along way in securing the 2013 recruiting class, which is quickly getting cold feet, and the current coaching staff.

If you're curious why the announcement will not be made until possibly Sunday that's because all the players are still on winter break and most, if not all, should be back on campus by then.

Marrone said today he was planning on returning to campus on the same day the announcement is reportedly going to be made to speak with his former players face to face and thank them for helping him achieve a life long dream - becoming a NFL head coach.

If this is all true, this would set up a nice "passing the torch" scene that is very uncommon in these circumstances.

Look for more on Shafer's coaching candidacy sometime tomorrow.