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NFL Coaching Rumors: Doug Marrone Interviews With Bills; Eagles, Chargers Next?

The Bills confirmed Friday Doug Marrone interviewed for their head coaching vacancy. This marks Marrone's second interview in as many days and it will not be his last, as the Eagles will meet with him this weekend in Arizona and the Chargers are now interested too.


If there is truly an "understanding" that Doug Marrone is staying in Syracuse, well, this is all becoming a big cruel joke.

Just over 24 hours after meeting with the Cleveland Browns, it was finally confirmed Friday by HCDM had indeed meet with the Buffalo Bills to interview for their head coaching vacancy. And now, he's schedule to sit down with the Philadelphia Eagles Saturday in Arizona (per Philadelphia Daily News writer Les Bowen) and the San Diego Chargers next week (per CBS' Jason La Canfora).

As of right now, Marrone's NFL future seems to be directly linked to Chip Kelly's final decision.

On Friday, it seemed Kelly was going to sign a contract with the Browns, who have reportedly thrown the kitchen sink at him, however, he did not because he promised to meet with the Bills and Eagles, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane.

Kelly is expected to make a decision sometime tonight, which means we also might find out Marrone's fate too.

In my opinion, its going to come down to the Browns and Eagles (which is what I thought yesterday). I still believe the Bills are not interested because they want a familiar face - Whisenhunt or Lovie Smith. While, the Browns and Eagles want to make a splash with a fresh face.

The news about the Chargers surprises me, but as the dominoes fall and coaching candidates get gabbled up Marrone will get more opportunities if he chooses to take them.

If there's one thing we can maybe take away from yesterday's tweets from Associated Press writer Tom Withers and The Cleveland Plain Dealers' Mary Kay Cabot is Marrone's interview with the Browns didn't blow their minds. Which makes me think they will look else where if Kelly decides to take another gig.

This means the interview with the Eagles could be Marrone's best chance to snag a NFL job, especially if Kelly decides to take the Browns' or Bills' jobs. And right now, there's some media momentum building in Philadelphia (link) (link).