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The New Gig - Scott Shafer Breaks Silence On Being Named Head Coach

Hours after officially being named the next head coach of the Syracuse football program, Scott Shafer made the media rounds on Wednesday. The former SU defensive coordinator provided some insight on his future plans for the program.


Since last week, when Doug Marrone began interviewing with NFL teams leading to him eventually taking the head coaching job of the Buffalo Bills, new Syracuse football head coach Scott Shafer had not spoken.

His silence was broken Wednesday evening, hours after officially being promoted to head coach, as he did the media rounds speaking with ESPN CNY and The Post Standard's Dave Rahme.

"I want to make sure we have a seamless transition from the great things Coach Marrone has put in place and to the direction we want to take moving forward, which is basically the same direction," Shafer said. "There will be a sense of integrity, discipline and focus with the way we do things."

Shafer, 46, was asked a slew of questions that come with the territory of being the CEO of a college football program. Here's a rundown of some of his answers to the obvious questions.

Hiring new coordinators
Overall style of play

Most of what Shafer said Wednesday was just obvious coach speak, and we all probably will not found out details of his plans until Spring Ball when all his assistant coaches are in line and the incoming recruiting class is in place.