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Syracuse Wusses Out: Schwartzwalder Trophy Not On The Line

Doug Marrone confirmed that Syracuse will not put the Schwartzwalder Trophy on the line when they play West Virginia in the Pinstripe Bowl. It's a wussy move.

Chris McGrath

Gotta say, I'm pretty surprised and disappointed to hear that the Syracuse Orange will not be putting the Schwartzwalder Trophy on the line when they play the West Virginia Mountaineers in the Pinstripe Bowl.

The news was confirmed Wednesday at the bowl's official press conference by Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone.

"One of the things about playing in a bowl game that I think we should all be conscious of - right to the right of us right there - is the Steinbrenner Trophy," Marrone said. "That's why both teams are here. I think that it is very important that we all understand that - at least from my end, our university, our fans.

"The Steinbrenner Trophy is what we're here for and should be the award for the winning team."

Sorry, Doug. Don't understand it. Don't give a s*** about George Steinbrenner and the football trophy in his name awarded to winner of the a bowl game that didn't exist four years ago.

The fact that most Syracuse fans, nay, people found out today that the trophy for winning the Pinstripe Bowl is called the Steinbrenner Trophy tells you everything you need to know about it.

Whenever Syracuse plays West Virginia, the Schwartzwalder is on the line. End of story. And since we aren't in the same conference anymore and the chances of us scheduling one another are slim to none, this is the ONLY time that we'll be playing each other from now on.

So WHEN exactly are you saving the trophy for?

Why am I in such a rush to part ways with the trophy? I'm not. I hate the idea of losing this game and losing the trophy, possibly forever. But all you need to do is flip the story around and you'll understand.

If West Virginia had the trophy and told us they weren't putting it up for grabs, we'd call them cowards and p***ies. End of story.

Bad move by Doug, DOC and SU Athletics. I get it, they don't want to overshadow the Pinstripe Bowl trophy. But the Pinstripe Bowl knew what it was doing when it invited Syracuse to play West Virginia. The rivalry is part of the appeal. To play the game and then remove a huge incentive that players and fans want possession of, well that's just silly.

But that's all just my opinion. I know you're a Yankee fan, Doug. I know this all means something to you. I'm not and it doesn't. I could not give a s*** about a trophy with George Steinebrenner's name on it. I give all the s***s about a trophy with Ben Schwartzwalder's name on it.