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Andrew White III leads the way with his fifth straight 20-point performance

Andrew White III has been hot as of late as his knock down three has led to five straight games with at least 20 points.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Clemson
Andrew White III and Coach Jim Boeheim have turned into quite the combo for the Orange.
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

How about them Orange!?

The Syracuse Orange’s latest come-from-behind victory was truly something special; a game that was full of lows turned into an all-time high in the final second. And Tyus Battle etched his name into a lot of Syracuse fans’ minds forever with his buzzer beater three. Instead of losing 81-79 to Clemson, he gave the Orange their fifth straight win.

Battle was the hero the Orange needed, but the team would have been done-for without Andrew White III. White led the way with 23 points as his lethal shooting once again came through. The 6-foot-7 forward shot 42 percent from long range, hitting 5-of-12 threes to keep SU in contention throughout.

White has been on fire every since this winning streak began for the Orange, as this outing was his fifth straight game with 20 points or more. He has been the Orange’s most consistent scorer throughout the season as he leads the team in scoring with 17.4 points per game.

His deadly three-point shot has been his bread and butter ever since the season began. With his 20-point streak climbing, Syracuse seems primed to make a run down the stretch. White’s leadership and poise in big games has done wonders for the Orange as it provides a safe option when the shot-clock is ticking down — that’s when White comes through.

White is finally getting the help he needs from the talented players around him, with the rotation coming into form with Tyler Lydon performing like the player Syracuse fans know him to be. Lydon finished with 17 points and nine boards to help complement White’s hot shooting. This is the duo Orange fans were excited about coming into the year; it has taken awhile, but finally the two “stars” are clicking.

SU is going to need these 20-point performances from White if they want to make some noise in the next couple weeks. This team should find themselves in the Big Dance if they continue to play the way they have, and from what they’re showing us, how can you doubt that they will?

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Clemson
Andrew White III has been the hero the Orange need as of late.
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Next up for the Orange are the Pittsburgh Panthers, a team Syracuse took care of earlier in the season with an 11-point win. White led the way in that one too, finishing with a team high 21-points. The Orange are feeling themselves as of late with these come-from-behind wins. But that can’t last forever in the ACC — they need to put together a complete 40-minute performance. Even the Florida State win featured some very choppy water for much of the second half.

Lydon may be the most complete player for SU, but without White’s contributions this team would be back to thinking about the NIT (at best). This current run has Syracuse thinking about late March and the NCAAs instead. If White and the rest of the Orange continue this play, they may as well book their tickets.