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Syracuse vs. South Carolina: Three takeaways from the Orange loss

The Syracuse Orange embarrassed themselves in their first loss of the season.

NCAA Basketball: Brooklyn Hoops Holiday Invitational-South Carolina vs Syracuse
A tough day for the Orange.
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was an eye opener.

This afternoon’s game should, and will, be a wakeup call for the Syracuse Orange. Not only did the South Carolina Gamecocks outplay the Orange, but they outworked Syracuse in all facets of the game. Syracuse finished with 17 turnovers, a stat few basketball teams will ever win with. From the start the Orange looked scared and timid, which led to their first loss of the season — and one that will hurt the Orange for sure.

When this team is off, there is no offense

The Orange showcase a team with a wide variety of shooters; it would be a shock to hear they only made six three-pointers in a game—that’s what happened in Brooklyn. The Orange shot 6-for-15 from long distance, finishing at 40-percent from the arc. The percentage isn’t bad by any regards, but six made three pointers from a team that relies on it this much won’t get the job done.

The Orange managed to make eight other field goals beside the threes, leading to a whopping 14 made baskets. Having 17 turnovers will not help the Orange’s lack of offense, but confidence and a desire to get to the basket is what was missing all afternoon long.

Tyler Lydon seems to be back

The one bright spot from the humiliating loss was the play from Tyler Lydon; Lydon finished with 18 points and seven rebounds and it seemed like he was the only one interested in scoring the ball today. Lydon got hot from beyond the arc early, something Orange fans hadn’t yet seen in the young season.

The Orange need to bounce back from a loss like this, and having their star player back in his groove will surely help them recover.

This team lacks confidence

The Orange came in undefeated after facing four subpar teams to say the least. This was supposed to be a statement win for the Orange facing an undefeated Gamecocks team, but instead, the Orange got embarrassed in front of a crowd that was on their side.

The Orange were hesitant to attack the rim and seemed scared when they saw ball pressure on their guards. The Orange aren’t going to be playing teams like Holy Cross all season, and if they want to reach their aspirations, it’s time for the roster to look themselves in the mirror and ask what kind of player they really are.