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Syracuse Basketball: Three takeaways from the Orange win over Holy Cross

Tyler Lydon is back, we hope, as the Orange take care of business in game two.

NCAA Basketball: Holy Cross at Syracuse
John Gillon was one of many to put on a show against the Crusaders.
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange tallied another win as they took care of business against the Holy Cross Crusaders, winning by a score of 90-46. Tyler Lydon got out of his funk, providing 17 points of his own. The formula is falling into place; now can this team get some real competition?

The Orange want to get Lydon involved inside early

Lydon made a name for himself last year through his beautiful shooting stroke. That stroke of his has been missing, but it may have been found due to his activity inside. Lydon got the ball inside early, giving him the confidence to play freely on offense.

Coach Jim Boeheim mentioned last week how he wanted to get Lydon more involved down low, and with how it looked tonight, it seems to be working. Lydon’s ability to create from the high post was put on display as he was able to orchestrate for himself and others. All Lydon needs to do play how he knows he can, and when he does so, watch out.

It will be a quick hook for the point guards

Having two point guards is nice for Boeheim, but can occasionally make life frustrating for the guards themselves. On the first possession of the game, Holy Cross hit a three, which as it seemed to Boeheim, was the fault of Frank Howard. Howard was immediately replaced with his counterpart John Gillon.

Boeheim is known to express his emotions often, and with two high quality point guards to choose from, the head coach will have no issue making a change—fast. Howard and Gillon have looked great in their own time on the floor, but unfortunately there’s only one ball to share between five players, and it’ll be up to Boeheim on who he chooses to handle it.

This team is better than number 18

Sure it was against Holy Cross; sure they opened against Colgate. But if you’ve had the privilege of watching the Syracuse Orange in this young season, you know this team isn’t number 18 (where they currently sit in the polls). They are better.

The depth has been discussed time-and-time again, but the offensive firepower from this roster is unprecedented. They have the ability to drive, shoot, run the pick and roll, and even throw the more than occasional alley-oop. From Lydon, to the walk-ons who played garbage minutes tonight, this team can compete with the best of them.

This is a fair warning to America: watch out, the Orange are coming, and there are few who can stop them if they’re going to be this explosive on the offensive end.